About Us

BEM-Berk Electronics and Engineering was founded in August 2009 in order to provide services about portable energy storage, telecommunications systems . Based on 30 years of engineering experience, new technologies and following the  technological developments in the world for both industrial...Continue

Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to bring our customers’ expectations of high quality and service to the world standards, within our company’s capacity and capability while contributing to our country’s economy.
  • We believe our customers deserve to have...Continue

Our Vision

  • Our Vision is following the emerging technology and to be a part of it. Always sharing the knowledge gained via experience and practices.
  • Being a leader in the sector and maintain a successful and reliable brand image by giving rational solutions...Continue

Our Quality Policy

Based on national and international standards, we aim to offer products and services in a way that keeps customer satisfaction constant, and to provide fast and economical solutions to customers in portable energy storage and communication sector. BEM pursues its studies closely with new technologies...Continue